At Lydia.Capital we focus on helping investors diversify into crypto currency. Blockchain and associated technologies are transforming how we live, how we invest, and delivering a true alternative to the established banking and financial structures.

At Lydia.Capital we’ve grown up with the advent of the internet, and have studied and embraced blockchain technology. We understand the crypto landscape, researching the most promising projects, meeting the smartest individuals, and gaining access to the right deals at the right time. We’ve invested our own funds, and have realised gains of up to 400% in the last 6 months of 2017.


Any investment in a space as exciting as cryptocurrency is going to carry a high degree of risk. Our goal is to reduce investor risk through long-term holds in proven technology, and a diversified approach across new ventures, established platforms, and a spread of verticals.


We offer a portfolio approach, taking positions in projects we’ve researched and understand. With our own analyst team, we wait for the right entry points, and stick with our positions for 6 to 18 month periods. Our funds typically mature annually.

We travel the globe attending the right blockchain and cryptocurrency events, networking with founding teams, and using our established network to access exciting new projects before they are made available to the public.

Lydia.Capital run a programme of investor events, helping to educate our clients and prospects on the exciting opportunities associated with crypto investing. We cut through the jargon to make investing clear, unambiguous, and inclusive. Our funds work with everyone with a minimum investment of just $5000.

As a fund we are measured on performance. In delivering exceptional returns, we keep our investors fully informed on the status of their investments, which projects we have invested in, and the outlook for the immediate future.


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